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The Private Directors Association provides members with a robust offering of on-demand educational resources featuring all areas of board governance and thought leadership, guidance, and expertise on current and longer-term importance topics. 

Note: PDA is not responsible for the contents of these recordings, and any opinions expressed are those of the speakers and not the PDA. As with any other PDA educational materials, no legal or other advice is given.

Members Only: Access to Webinar and Virtual Event Recordings and Key Takeaways
05/22/2024 Using ProQuest Database for Research
05/21/2024 AI: Navigating Organizational Readiness
05/02/2024 Greater Philadelphia Spring Town Hall
04/18/2024 Craft the Ideal Board Bio and Resume
04/18/2024 ESOP Corporate Governance, A View From Different Angles
04/02/2024 What to Consider When You Are Considering or Joining a Board
03/22/2024 The Role and Responsibility of the Board: Balancing Board Involvement
03/21/2024 The Impact of Innovation and AI in Cybersecurity: The Future of Threat Detection, Intelligence Gathering and Building Successful Defensesl
03/21/2024 Board Readiness with DHR Global
03/20/2024 PDA Symposium on Cybersecurity and AI Governance
03/19/2024 Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Board Search Success
03/14/2024 The Role of Advisory Boards in the Future of Board Governance: Insights from the 2023 State of the Market Research Report from the Advisory Board Centre
02/27/2024 Navigating Life Sciences Governance: Insights from Board Directors 
02/26/2024 Evaluating and Interviewing for Board Opportunities
02/15/2024 AI-Ready Boards: Essential Insights for Navigating the AI Revolution 
02/15/2024 The AI Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities 
01/29/2024 Navigating the Intellectual Property Maze: A Board's Guide to Maximizing Value and Mitigating Risk 
01/25/2024 Customer Success - A Strategic Imperative for Business Leaders and Board Members
01/18/2024 Due Diligence for an Acquisition from a Board's Perspective
01/16/2024 Creating a Winning Professional Brand for Your Board Journey
12/07/2023 A Board’s Role in Oversight of AI 
12/05/2023 Talent Expertise Required at the Board Level - How HR Execs Prepare for the Directorship
12/05/2023 Looking for a For-Profit Board Seat? – How To Crack The Door Into the Boardroom
11/29/2023 What Private Company Boards Are Looking For in Directors Now
11/01/2023 Private Directors Association Town Hall Meeting 
10/26/2023 The Death of Affirmative Action and its Impacts on DEI: 3 Months In 
10/19/2023 Southern California Chapter Virtual Event | Fireside Chat with PDA Founder Dennis Kessler
07/26/2023 The Board's Role in Mental Health 
07/18/2023 Governance Reimagined: Harnessing The Five Leadership Superpowers™ for Boardroom and Organizational Success 
06/27/2023 Mastering the Art of Strategic Planning and Execution: Best Practices for Success 
06/14/2023  The State of Cannabis in the U.S.: The Role of Boards and Directors 
06/08/2023 Unlocking the Power of Your Non-Profit Board Experience
06/07/2023 PDA Advisor Corps Pilot Review
06/07/2023 Private Board Compensation
05/18/2023 Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Risk Management: Lessons from Leading Organizations
05/11/2023 Maximize Your Personal Brand & Online Presence
05/10/2023 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #16 - Protecting the Director- The Basics of Indemnification and D&O Insurance
04/27/2023 NetWeaving for Board Director Opportunities
04/20/2023 Lessons from the SVBRecent Banking Turmoil 
04/20/2023 Cybersecurity Insurance and Legal Preparedness: What Every Director Should Know 
04/19/2023 HBR: 4 Strategies to Incorporate to Find Your Next Corporate Board Seat 
04/12/2023 Corporate Risk From A Board Member’s Perspective
3/29/2023 Cybersecurity Incident Response - What the Board Needs to Know
3/23/2023 Cyber Resilience for the Board
3/22/2023 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #15 - Comparing the LLC Manager & the Corporate Director
3/16/2023 CEO Succession Planning How to Do It Right 
3/15/2023 An ESG Update for Board Members – What to Expect in 2023
3/7/2023 Why You Should Consider Joining the Board of a Credit Union 
2/22/2023 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #14 - Boards in Bankruptcy
02/16/2023  Financial and Tax Opportunities of Employee Stock Ownership Plans 
02/15/2023 Being Board Ready
02/09/2023 Due Diligence for the Board Member 
01/26/2023 Serving on a Portfolio Company Board 
01/25/2023 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #13 - Advising Companies that Are or May Be Insolvent
01/19/2023 The Consumer Electronics Trade Show (CES) 2023 - Strategic Insights 
01/18/2023 ESOP Owned Companies and Corporate Governance: Is it really that different?
12/14/2022 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #12 - The Workings of the Compensation Committee
12/08/2022 D&O Insurance 101
12/07/2022 Navigating the US Congress Lame Duck Session
12/01/2022 Key Drivers of Long-term Incentives In Private Companies
11/30/2022 Wearing Two Hats - Boss and Coach
11/17/2022 Mental Wellness, Quiet Quitting, Remote Workforce…: What is the Director’s Role in the new workplace paradigm?
11/16/2022 Tax update: What’s New and What’s Next?
11/15/2022 Detroit Virtual Event | Strategies In a Tightening Financial Environment
11/09/2022 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #11 - The Workings of the Audit Committee
11/08/2022 Putting ESG Into Practice Real World Lessons from the Boardroom
10/27/2022 Transitioning to Stakeholder Governance?
10/20/2022 Searching for Private Board Directors Best Practices and Positioning Yourself as a Standout Candidate
10/19/2022 Essential LinkedIn Strategies for Corporate Board Aspirants
10/12/2022 Bare Bone Board Basic Episode #10 - Going Into Executive Session
10/06/2022  The Inclusive Board: The New Competitive Advantage
09/28/2022 How Top Recruiters find Board Candidates for their Clients
09/22/2022 Cybersecurity Risk: It Isn’t Just Ransomware
09/15/2022 5 Step Process to Becoming Successful Board Member
09/14/2022 A Board's Guide for Evaluating a CEO's Performance
09/14/2022 Bare Bone Board Basics #9 Enterprise Risk Management
09/07/2022 A Private Company Board's Role In Preparing For An "Exit"
09/06/2022 Succeeding Despite Uncertainty and Risk
08/17/2022 Serendipity vs Strategy: How to Get on A Board
08/12/2022 Practical Advice for Board Resumes/Bios
08/10/2022 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #8- Soft Skills Workshop: Leadership, Communication & Trust
07/13/2022 The People First Strategy for Private Company Boards
07/13/2022 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #7 - Special Issues Require Special Attention: Retaining Experts & Conducting Investigations
07/12/2022 Review of The Association for Certified Fraud Examiners Occupational Fraud 2022: A Report to the Nations
06/22/2022 An Ounce of Prevention – Stopping Ransomware Attacks Before They Occur
06/14/2022 Successfully Obtaining Your First Board Seat
06/09/2022 Creating Competitive Advantage Through ESG Strategy and Compliance Within Private Companies, presented to you in partnership with Conscious Capitalism NEO
06/08/2022 Webinar | Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #6 - Recruiting & Remunerating Directors & What Directors Should Do Before Saying “Yes”
05/19/2022 Ownership Transitions & Their Impact on Growth & Legacy
05/18/2022 Ownership Transitions & Their Impact on Growth & Legacy
04/27/2022 Bare Bone Board Basics Episode #5 - Committees of a Board & Work Between Board Meetings
04/21/2022 The Value of the Chief Diversity Officer on a Board, Beyond Just Representation
04/21/2022 The Board's Role in Aligning Strategy with Operational Performance
09/29/2021 Board Cyber Oversight: Steps in Creating a Board Cyber Committee
09/28/2021 Cutting Through the Noise, What Your Executives Need to Know to Avoid People Trouble and a Rapidly Growing “Turnover Tsunami”
05/26/2021 Board Governance in an ESOP Company
05/25/2021 When the Tone at the Top is Betrayal, a Case Study for Board Members
05/24/2021 Boards Navigating COVID
05/20/2021 SF Chapter Board Director Committee Update & Networking
05/13/2021 Fund Advisor Perspective on Portfolio Company Boards of Directors
05/12/2021 The Five (Or Seven) Things Family Businesses Need To Do When They Are Forming A Board Of Directors Or Advisors For The First Time
05/06/2021 Disruption: Anticipate, Mitigate and Thrive!
05/05/2021 Would You Like Fries With That
04/29/2021 Cleveland Chapter Members Only Social Hour
04/29/2021 Leveraging a Recapitalization: When and Why It Could Make Sense
04/28/2021 Directors in Distress
04/27/2021 The Board’s Role in Shaping a Company’s Digital Transformation
04/22/2021 Board Diversity: An Inter-Organizational Discussion
04/20/2021 Cybersecurity Incident Response
04/15/2021 SF Chapter Membership Development Programs & Opportunities / Networking
04/14/2021 Creating an Understanding of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)
04/13/2021 “Spring into Collaboration” Atlanta and Houston Joint Chapters Speed Networking Event
04/08/2021 The Business Case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
04/07/2021 Leading Practices in Private Company Board Pay and Governance
03/31/2021 How Roles and Responsibilities Differ Among Boards for Venture-Capital-Owned, Family-Owned, and Entrepreneur-Owned Companies
03/30/2021 Should I Form a Board of Directors for My Company – and How?
03/29/2021 Building a Board of Directors: Accelerate Growth, Opportunity, Transition
03/25/2021 The Independent Director - Role on Private Company Board
03/24/2021 The Private Directors Association® Journey to Women on Boards
03/24/2021 Getting the Most Out of Your PDA Membership
03/23/2021 How to Market Yourself for a Board Seat
03/22/2021 "How to Get on a Private Company Board" A Virtual Fireside Chat with Joel Koblentz and Valerie Darling
03/18/2021 SPACs: Basics and Current Trends of relevance to Private Boards
03/18/2021 Mergers and Acquisitions: What Owners and Boards Should Consider Today
03/17/2021 Importance of Independent Directors for ESOP Companies
03/11/2021 Crafting a Board-Ready Resume
03/10/2021 Role of the Independent Director on a Private/Family Board
03/09/2021 Transform Your Business with Independent Directors
03/04/2021 Impact of Current Public Policy and Political Environment on Business
03/03/2021 Women In Banking: Preparing Women for Top Leadership Positions
03/02/2021 Boards & Family Business Transitions
02/25/2021 What Board Members Should Know about the Impact of the New Administration on Employee Ownership
02/24/2021 Pricing for Pandemics, Material Shortages and Predators
02/18/2021 Intellectual Property in the Boardroom: Are your Directors Engaged in the Company’s IP Strategy?
02/18/2021 Board Director: Selection & Service
02/16/2021 Defamation or Free Speech? How to Address Bad Reviews of a Business, Especially on Social Media
02/15/2021 How to Use the ProQuest Business Journal Database for Doing Research
02/10/2021 Getting on Board
02/09/2021 Employer Rights and Expectations in Light of Current Events
02/03/2021 Why is it called a Board and not a Sofa?
02/03/2021 Getting Real Value from Your Board Assessment
01/21/2021 Confronting Climate Action: The Role of Board Directors
01/21/2021 Building a Board
01/20/2021 The Board's Role in Diversity and Inclusion: What Will Be Different This Time?
01/20/2021 Show me the money! Bank and Alternative Financing Options in 2021
01/06/2021 Private Company Board Service: Challenges, Responsibilities, and Surprises in an Era of Disruption
12/15/2020 How to Drive LinkedIn Visibility with Content Engagement
12/9/2020 Board Leadership Lessons for Uncertain Times
12/8/2020 The Elections: Why We Got the Results We Got and What We Can Expect from the Winners
12/7/2020 The Board Risks of Using Video Communications without Encryption
12/3/2020 ESG and the Private Company Board
12/2/2020 Effectively Linking Family Shareholder Voice to the Company Board
12/1/2020 Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for a Board Search
11/18/2020 The Busy Intersection of Family Office Investing and Private Equity
11/18/2020 How Does Ownership Structure Influence Your Role as a Director
11/11/2020 Trust: What's It All About?
11/10/2020 The Intersection of Governance Risk and Strategy
11/5/2020 What to Expect in the Next Four Years
11/4/2020 How a Board Can Add to Your Succession Plan
10/28/2020 Supply Chain Optionality
10/27/2020 Authentic Inclusion as a Business Imperative
10/22/2020 Cyber Security: From WSJ Headline to the Board Agenda Item
10/21/2020 The Digital Technology Crisis in the Boardroom
10/21/2020 Major Issues Companies Deal with Today and What Boards Should Be Discussing
10/20/2020 Talent Development: Making Succession Work
10/14/2020 Different Folks for Different Strokes: Best Practices for Public, Private & Nonprofit Boards
10/14/2020 Director Matchmaking: Private Company & Potential Candidate Best Practices
10/1/2020 Cash Is King! Managing Cash During COVID: Strategies for Restructuring
9/30/2020 Owning Your Firm's Cyber Security Risk: A How To!
9/29/2020 Family Business Boards: Who Should Be on Them & Who Shouldn't
9/23/2020 Mature ESOP Challenges and What a Board Member Should Know
9/22/2020 The Important Role of the Board to Corporate Culture
9/14/2020 Bankruptcy and Restructuring - The Pandemic/Oil & Gas Recession: Options to Chapter 11 and How to Prepare
9/10/2020 Making the Most of Family Business Boards
9/9/2020 The Independent Board Primer for Private Equity: Why, Who and How
8/27/2020 2020 Is Terrible; Should Incentive Compensation Be Terrible Too?
8/20/2020 From Hope to Intention: How Private Company Boards Can Help Guide Company Leadership on Diversity and Inclusion
8/13/2020 The Board's Growing Role in Cybersecurity Oversight
8/5/2020 Into the Wind: Private Company Crisis Communications During a Pandemic, Civil Unrest & Economic Uncertainty
7/30/2020 Exit through the Boardroom
7/23/2020 The Silver Lining of COVID: Better Human Capital: Better Value Proposition: Better Strategic Agility. 
7/15/2020 Changing Dynamics of Board Support for a CEO in Time of Crisis
7/1/2020 Don't Let This Crisis Go to Waste - Think Strategically; Not Just Defensively 
6/30/2020 The Great Reboot: Positioning to Succeed in a Post-Catastrophic World of Risk & Opportunity
6/29/2020 What Every Board Member Should Know When Your Company Is Facing Financial Distress
6/25/2020 Board Diversity: A Strategy for Company Growth
6/24/2020 How to Keep a Supply Chain Moving During Disruption or Dislocation
6/16/2020 LinkedIn Content Engagement Best Practices
6/15/2020 ESOPs - Trustee & Board of Directors; Fiduciary & Fiduciary 
6/11/2020 How Boards Can Help Owners Manage Predictable Challenges in Growing Family Businesses
6/10/2020 Best Practices in Preventing Bad Things from Happening
6/4/2020 COVID-19: Board Oversight with Focus on Now, Next and Beyond
6/2/2020 Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
6/1/2020 How Boards Help Businesses Pivot to Navigate a Crisis
5/27/2020 Cybersecurity: No Escape to Preparedness - FBI Reports Cybercrime Quadruples in Crisis 
5/22/2020 ESG: What Action Should the Director Take
5/21/2020 Director Responsibilities to Assure Data Systems Resiliency in a WFH World
5/19/2020 Governance in the Zone of Insolvency: Guidelines for Effective Governance in Distress
5/14/2020 CARES Act PPP Funding Poses Complex Financial, Legal & Moral Issues: What Directors, Company Owners and Executives Should Know
5/13/2020 Rightsize without Layoffs
5/12/2020 The Board's Compliance Oversight Role
5/7/2020 Audit Committee Best Practices
5/6/2020 PDA Director Training and Referral Program: How Will It Help Me?
5/5/2020 CEOs Respond to COVID-19
4/29/2020 Succession Planning During Crisis
4/28/2020 Governance Assessments and Board Evaluations Part II
4/27/2020 Advising an ESOP Company through Turmoil: A Board's Role
4/21/2020 Governance Assessments and Board Evaluations Part I
4/16/2020 Private Equity Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis
4/15/2020 Executing Your Fiduciary Duty During a Time of Crisis - What Directors Need to Know
4/14/2020 The Role and Responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary
4/9/2020 COVID-19 & Cybersecurity: Navigating the Double Threat
4/8/2020 The Value of an Independent Board and Getting Started with a PDA Model Board Meeting SM
4/7/2020 Corporate Board Meeting Minutes - Best Practices for Board of Directors Meetings
4/3/2020 ESG Oversight: Incorporating ESG Considerations Into Board Strategy


Private Company Board Governance During the COVID-19 Crisis