The Private Directors Association members now have access to Nurole, a global platform enabling organizations to evaluate, find and hire board-level members.

At no cost, PDA Members may submit their qualifications for global (and regional) public and private companies, and non-profit organizations' board of director roles via PDA strategic alliance with Nurole's board-level recruitment platform.

PDA Members Can:

  • Access the Nurole platform 
  • Create a private candidate profile
  • Search, find, and apply for board opportunities

Nurole's Prospective Board-Member Candidate Requirements and Application Process:

Requirements: PDA Members who are current or prior board members of public or private companies with at least $10 million in revenue, or PDA members that are aspiring directors and meet Nurole's requirements. 

Nurole Application Process: PDA members must apply to join Nurole through this link only: Request your invitation here.

Please mention your membership of the PDA when requesting an invitation, under the ‘How did you hear about Nurole"

  • PDA members whose requests are initially accepted will receive an invitation via email to start the Nurole onboarding process.
  • When applying, PDA members will be invited to demonstrate their prior experience and how it meets the criteria.
  • If PDA members do not provide sufficient evidence, Nurole will reply with a request for more information. If PDA members cannot demonstrate that they meet the criteria, Nurole will send a rejection email.
  • PDA members whose requests for membership are successful will receive an invitation via email to start the Nurole onboarding process.

Additional FAQ's when applying for a role via the Nurole platform:

  • Candidates will receive a confirmation of their application via email from Nurole once they have applied for a board opportunity. They will receive regular emails while their application is live and under consideration. 
  • If candidates are successful in moving to the next stage for an interview, Nurole will notify them via email or phone call. 
  • If candidates are unsuccessful, Nurole will contact them with context and feedback depending on the specific role and client. 

For more information, please call 847-986-9350 or email.