Model Board Meeting

The PDA Model Board Meeting℠ (MBM) offers the Owner, Chairman and / or CEO of a private company the opportunity to experience the value that an independent Board of Directors can deliver for shareholders and leadership. This program is for those strongly considering the creation of an ongoing, independent Board of Directors or Advisory Board. For more information, CLICK HERE. Also, please be sure to review a few testimonials about this offering below.

“We had such a valuable experience with our PDA Model Board Meeting℠ (MBM) at Matot, Inc. that we set up an ongoing Advisory Board. Our MBM directors gave us actionable advice that we implemented immediately. Sally Washlow is a PDA member who served as one of the directors for our MBM. We are very lucky that Sally agreed to serve on our ongoing Advisory Board. The MBM process was instructional in itself. It created a lot of thoughtful and strategic questions for our executive team. We received careful guidance from the PDA Company Project Chair and the PDA directors. They shepherded us through the whole process and made it less daunting. Overall it was one of our best exercises as a management team that we have ever had. I highly recommend the PDA Model Board Meeting℠ to any business that wants to grow and achieve better management communication.” - Cece Matot, Co-Owner, Matot, Inc.

“The PDA Model Board Meeting℠ (MBM) was great for M. Holland and the evolution of our Board.  We have had a fiduciary Board for a long time, including one outside director, but we were in the early stages of Board development.  The MBM process and the PDA directors we selected to participate in the process were excellent.  They shared leading practices in preparing for and running a Board meeting, which we have implemented.  The MBM itself was very enlightening.  We selected four difficult issues for discussion at the MBM that the Company and the Board were grappling with and the four PDA directors provided independent input and guidance that brought greater clarity to these matters.  Drawing on their experiences and feedback, we took action that moved each of these important issues along a path to a successful conclusion.  Having external and independent voices in the room was extremely valuable.  Following the MBM experience, we added an additional independent director and plan to add more as our Board continues to develop.  The MBM process was instrumental in our journey." - Ed Holland, President & CEO, M. Holland Company